Dear Santa…

I admit that I am still very much a hobbyist photographer. I don’t have anything in my equipment or even with some of my photos to suggest that I am remotely ready for an upgrade to what I am currently using. Let alone the fact that a purchase larger than a few hundred dollars is just not in the budget. That being said, I really want the new Canon 5D Mark IV!

This thing screams “luxury purchase” for just the notion of me thinking of using it. I suppose a case can be made that it would be an investment that, in all honesty, would and should last me for a very lengthy amount of time.

I do admit that I’m quite a bit of a student of this art form. I still get confused frequently on simple things like making the right manual adjustments on the camera. To me, I feel, that should really be a no-brainer in photography. Perhaps that’s the constant struggle for all photographers of all levels?

Anyway, I follow Jared Polin on YouTube and he does a pretty good review of the new camera. It’s a fairly lengthy video but you can see him and the camera in action.

So, Santa, hopefully I’ve been nice enough to get this shiny new toy! Maybe? 😉


Stay In Line

Outside a north side entrance of the AISD Performing Arts Center

I enjoy this photo, not just for the composition really but for the moment. Apparently, I take so many different types of photos at a location that I forget that I had clicked the button. This was one of those moments.

The sun was out in full force on Saturday. It really was a beautiful day. I had just stepped outside of the AISD Performing Arts Center and watched the people walking around, enjoying the day. I turned and looked up and the sun was blaring just over the top most part of the building; forced me to take a step into the shadow to get out of the sun’s glare. It was almost as if the sun had told me, “Hey you… look up here.” Again, I do not remember taking the photo, but I am happy that I did.

To me, these are the little gems that make this hobby so worth the time and effort.



Walk on By

Pulling out some of my earlier photos to share. I rarely shared my photos in the past so I’m attempting to remedy that. This was very early when I was not shooting in RAW (gasp) and all I had was my kit lens.

That being said, it was not necessary for me to shoot with any type of specialized lenses nor did I have to care about the file format. It was a joy to just go out and shoot photos.

I believe I have a greater respect for photographers of all levels. I speak to a lot of different people who really enjoy taking photos but always shy away when they start to talk about how their equipment is inferior or their skill level is not like this or that. The beauty of photography and especially with regards to the person taking the photo is: no other person is taking the photo that you just took or about to take. No other living entity is capturing that perfect, single moment. The equipment doesn’t care, but you cared enough to press that button. Therefore, it is a perfect shot. And to me that is beautiful enough.

Sure, the next step as with all trades/crafts is mastering or practicing it over and over to refine your ability. I am forever learning this craft. So, I am happy to resurface some of these older photos so I can have a sense of perspective on where I was and where I am going. I was happy to shoot this image and it echoes today how much I still enjoy shooting photos.


Wedding at the Mill

I had the honor and privilege to attend my nephew’s wedding. It was such a perfect day to have the wedding and the venue was really quite nice. The decor and everyone that attended really made the day that much more special. Congratulations to J.J and Natalie!

This was the first wedding that I had gone to with the intent to take photos as if I were the wedding photographer. I did what I could from “my place”. I attempted to stay out of the way of the real photographer there. I still need a lot of practice but it was such a fun experience to see how much attention to camera settings, light, and the situation was.

I look forward to learning more. Regardless it was a lot of fun. One day I’ll do this “for real”. Ha!